Five of the Best Mobility Drills

4 thoughts on “Five of the Best Mobility Drills”

  1. Tom, this is a very nice article. To the point, short, comprehensible.

    I just got back from my training today, squats, deadlifts, press and pulling work. Did the entire mobility 3 times a 5-10 slow motion including two more mobility exercises and then started squatting. The squat kind of stayed the same but the deadlift afterwards was much better. Better dorsiflexion in both feet, better hip flexion and better thoracic extension. All in all, I guess I will need to increase the weight sooner than I thought.

    Especially the standing hip car´s was a great exercise for warming up the hips in a totally different way.



    1. Fantastic!! Love to hear that! I have an “ultimate mobility routine” sequence on my website too if you search for it, if those techniques worked well for you that should also! 😊


      1. Thanks. I will check it out.
        Once I found a mobility exercise from you, which I cannot find anymore…
        It is a cat stretch (video) for thoracic extension and shoulder flexion, where you put your hands on a bench instead of the floor, by keeping the 90°angle between torso and lower extremity.
        Did you post this somewhere else? I would love to watch this video again, since I also integrated this move into the mobility warm up, which is absolutely great.


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